This gallery showcases some of our work. From books, and posters, to video game controllers. More will be add as they are created. If you are interested in work we've done as sub-contractors for large companies please Contact Us.

Under the Video Game Photography you'll find a new and growing frontier, photography done inside the video game. With the latest generation video gaming consoles the graphics have become much more realistic, especially when it comes to the scenery. Buildings are nearly perfect, reflections in rain puddles and more are generating a new kind of photography and photographers. These are not ordinary video story cut scenes that someone captured a screen-shot from. This kind of photography happens two way right now, as a screen shot or photo mode. The first one is as you might think it is, capture a scene you played in the video game with your console. The second is even more amazing because it's like having your very own camera inside the game, in 3D space. You can decide on lighting, camera position, special effects and more.

Video game photography is very much like regular photography, there are moments that may not be able to be caught exactly the same as you did the first time. There is magic in this type of photography just like there is in capturing that great photo in the real world.

Photo Mode in video games is not offered in all games right now, but some of the early adopters have embraced it and highly suggest giving it a try. Either way, both methods can lead to selling photos, if they are good enough to the video game company or gaming magazines.

With the landscape of video gaming, social networking and anything related to technology in any way opens up many doors and in-game video photography is in its infancy. Read a little more about video game photography here.